Car accidents can happen just about anywhere, but there are certainly some places where they are a bit more likely to happen. No matter where your accident occurs, if you think that someone else was to blame for the collision and the injuries that you and your loved ones received, then you may want to sue for damages. A Corpus Christi, Texas car accident lawyer can help you with that.

Where Do Drivers Need to Be Especially Careful to Avoid Car Accidents?

Fatal accidents are slightly more common on rural roads. 54% of such accidents occur in the country, according to the NHTSA. There are also other areas where drivers should be especially careful.

Parking lots: There are many moving cars and other distractions, like delivery trucks and pedestrians. It is no surprise that the parking lot can be a dangerous place for drivers.

Their commutes: People tend to pay less attention when they are taking a familiar route. This can lead to mistakes that cause accidents on the way to or from work.

Intersections: There can be a lot going on at an intersection. Someone rushing through or ignoring traffic signals can easily cause a collision.

Close to home: Many fatal accidents occur close to home, within 25 miles according to NHTSA data. When we look at data on non-fatal accidents, 52% happen within five miles. So it is clear that we have to take the time to pay attention to the road, no matter how familiar we are with an area.

Should I Sue For Compensation After an Accident?

If you believe that someone else was to blame for your car accident, then you should sue. They need to be held responsible for the harm that they have caused. Our attorneys can help you fight for a fair compensation offer that reimburses you for:

Medical expenses: You had medical bills to pay right after the accident and you may also have future costs to worry about. Your compensation can help you with those.

Lost wages: If you miss work due to your injuries, your compensation should make up for those lost paychecks.

Loss of enjoyment: If your injuries prevent you from taking part in activities or hobbies you once loved, that pain and suffering need to be accounted for when compensation is calculated.

Loss of earning potential: If your injuries could prevent you from working in the same field, for the same number of hours, or at all, your compensation needs to make up for the economic contribution to your household that you can no longer make.

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