Getting into an auto accident can be stressful, so it is no surprise that some accident victims make mistakes that can make it harder for them to prove fault or pursue compensation. If you believe that someone else is to blame for the accident that caused you harm, you need to do everything that you can to hold them accountable. A Corpus Christi, Texas car accident lawyer from our firm can help you do that.

Do I Need to Call the Cops After an Auto Accident?

By law, you need to call the cops to an accident scene if injuries were caused or if it looks like the damage to one or both vehicles exceeds $1,000. Another driver involved in the accident might try to play down its severity and act as if calling the cops is not a necessity.

We always suggest calling the cops though. It can be hard to judge $1,000 in damage on your own, unless you are an experienced auto body tech yourself. Cops can also investigate the scene of an auto accident and write down useful information in their report, information that your lawyer can use later.

Can I Wait Too Long to Sue After an Auto Accident?

Some people make a mistake by waiting far too long before they get the legal process started. The statute of limitations gives you a limited amount of time to sue for damages after an accident. You have two years in Texas.

You should act quickly and contact a lawyer who can get your case filed for you. Focus on your family and your recovery while we handle the paperwork and make sure that you do not miss your chance to pursue compensation.

Why Shouldn’t I Talk to the Insurers Myself After an Auto Accident?

Some drivers make the mistake of talking too much after an accident. You could easily say something that makes it sound like you are admitting some fault, and an insurer can try to use that against you. Instead, let your lawyer communicate on your behalf. We have experience dealing with insurers and we’ll keep the conversation to a minimum.

Should I Accept the Offer I Receive From the Other Driver’s Insurer?

If you receive an offer from the other driver’s insurance company, it can be tempting to just accept it and be done with all of this. We do not recommend this though. That first offer from the insurance company is often inadequate and cannot cover all of your needs. We can help you negotiate for a better offer, and we will take your case to court if needed.

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