When people are injured, they often seek the legal assistance of an experienced attorney so they can recover the compensation they need to get back on their feet again. Unfortunately, though understandably, many people feel anxious about their first meeting. That is why below, we have provided you with a wealth of information regarding preparing for your initial meeting. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What do I need to bring to the meeting?

When you attend your first meeting with a personal injury attorney, you should provide various documents that can help shed light on the circumstances of your accident. This gives your attorney a well-rounded picture of the situation at hand, allowing him to present your claim as convincingly as possible. Some of the information you should bring to your meeting can include the following:

  • Any injury-related expense, including medical bills, lost wages, and in-home care costs.
  • Pictures and videos of the accident, the safety hazard that caused the accidents, and of the injuries you have sustained as a result.
  • Various forms of insurance information.
  • Any communication with the other party or their insurance, including phone calls or letters.
  • A written description of the accident.
  • The police report filed at the scene of the accident. Not only will this further bolster your claim, but it will also provide your attorney will valuable information regarding whether anyone was ticketed or arrested following the accident.
  • Eyewitness contact information. Witness statements corroborating your claim can go a long way, especially if there is no available security camera footage of the accident.

What information will my personal injury attorney need to know?

Your attorney will ask you several questions to get a better understanding of your current status, both physical and monetarily to get a better idea of how he should proceed with your claim. For example, your attorney may ask questions you learn about your specific injuries, whether you’ve received a prognosis, and how those injuries are currently affecting your day-to-day life. Additionally, your attorney will want to know if you spoke with any insurance representatives or attorneys, as well as information regarding your specific auto and medical insurance coverage.

Finally, your attorney may ask whether you’ve ever been in an accident before, where you are currently employed, and whether you have already submitted a recorded statement about the accident to your insurance company. Though this may seem like a lot, remember: our firm is on your side. We only request this information so we can represent you to the best of our ability and efficiently fight for the compensation you need. Reach out to a dedicated Nueces County, Texas personal injury lawyer from Sahadi Legal Group today to schedule your free initial consultation.