Sustaining an injury on the job is always a worrisome experience. Not only do you now have a painful injury, but you also have to worry about paying for that injury, which, rather obviously, can be quite difficult if you’re unable to return to work and collect a regular paycheck due to the injury. Fortunately, you do have legal options. Please continue reading and reach out to our seasoned Corpus Christi, Texas work injury lawyer to learn more about workers’ compensation, third-party injury claims, and how we can help guide you through the legal process ahead. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What is a third-party personal injury claim?

Most states require at least the majority of their employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which is a type of no-fault insurance designed to compensate injured workers, regardless of who caused the workplace accident. Typically, when someone is hurt on the job in a state that carries workers’ compensation insurance, they will file a workers’ compensation claim and recover compensation that covers a portion of their lost wages and the cost of their medical care.

That said, here in Texas, employers are not required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Therefore, if you’re injured and you work for an employer without workers’ compensation insurance, you’ll likely have to file what’s known as a third-party claim. Essentially, a third-party claim is a personal injury claim against a liable third party who is not your employer. Some examples of potentially liable third parties include independent contractors, equipment manufacturers/designers, property owners, and more. The main difference between a third-party claim and a workers’ compensation claim is that in a workers’ compensation claim, you can recover compensation regardless of fault, but to win a third-party claim, you’ll need to prove that you were injured as a direct result of a third-party’s negligence.

What should I do to prove my third-party claim?

To prove a third-party claim, you and your attorney will need to gather and present evidence that proves you were hurt due to no fault of your own. This can include video footage of your accident, pictures of the unsafe conditions that caused your accident, witness testimony, medical documentation, and even a copy of the police report filed at the scene of the accident. If you have any further questions or you believe you may have a valid third-party claim, please don’t hesitate to speak with our seasoned legal team today. We’re here to help you in any way we can.


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