If a store sells you a product that ends up causing an injury, is that the store’s fault? While the damage done by a defective product is not solely on them, retailers can actually be held to account for selling dangerous items to their customers. They have some responsibility to ensure that the products that they sell will not harm their customers. Retailers who do not take the proper precautions could be sued, and a Corpus Christi, Texas defective household products lawyer from our firm would probably be ready to take the case.

Are Retailers the Only Defendant in My Case?

If you were hurt due to a defective product, the store that sold you the product is probably not going to be the only defendant in your case. Retailers are rarely the only ones to blame in these situations. The manufacturer of the product needs to be held accountable as well. If a specific part failed and caused the product to become dangerous, the builder of that part could also be a defendant in your case.

What Kinds of Product Defects Can You Hold Retailers Accountable For?

Generally, product defects fall into three categories. They are:

Design defects: How the product was designed in the first place is the problem. Something about it was unsafe from the beginning.

Manufacturing defects: The design of the product was fine, but something got lost in translation as the product hit assembly lines. A manufacturer might go cheap and change a part or material used. Maybe there just isn’t enough oversight and defective products get through.

Failure to warn: The usage of some products is going to be risky. If a manufacturer knows that there are risks to using its product, the included instructions or documentation needs to include some warnings.

What Can My Compensation Cover?

Your compensation is meant to cover any expenses stemming from your accident. This means medical bills and wages you missed while recovering from your injuries. If your injuries will continue to affect you, you need to think about pursuing damages related to a loss of earning potential or loss of enjoyment, an inability to participate in hobbies or activities you once loved. Our lawyers can help you fight for the best possible outcome here.

How Can a Product Liability Attorney Help Me?

Having an attorney on your side during a case like this can be beneficial. Your lawyer can:

  • Identify all liable parties
  • Calculate fair compensation
  • Answer your questions
  • Prepare you for testimony
  • Gather evidence needed to make your case
  • Communicate on your behalf
  • Defend you from accusations of fault or wrongdoing

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