If you or a loved one gets injured on an unsafe sidewalk, someone somewhere was responsible for maintaining it and keeping it safe. An accident only occurred because whoever was in charge of that sidewalk was negligent. If the city was supposed to keep this sidewalk safe, they could be sued. We understand that filing a lawsuit against a city can seem intimidating, but don’t worry too much. You can call our law firm and get a Corpus Christi, Texas slip & fall lawyer on your side.

What Types of Hazards Cause an Unsafe Sidewalk?

There are many things that can make a sidewalk unsafe, and the city in charge of maintaining that sidewalk should be on the lookout for all of them. Letting these hazards go unaddressed puts pedestrians in danger. People can easily fall and get injured when they encounter:

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Potholes and cracks
  • Standing water
  • Loose debris
  • Snow and ice that have not been properly removed
  • Hazardous materials

Trips and falls on sidewalks can cause serious injuries, especially for older people. Broken bones, concussions, and spinal cord injuries are common. If you suffered injuries due to the city’s negligence, it needs to be held accountable.

How Long Do I Have to Sue if I’m Injured by an Unsafe Sidewalk?

There is usually a statute of limitations when it comes to cases like this, meaning that there is a limited amount of time to sue after your injury. This means that you should act quickly and begin pursuing legal action after getting hurt in an accident. You have to move especially fast if you plan to sue the city though, because different rules can apply here.

Usually, you have two years to sue for personal injury in Texas. However, if a state, city, or municipality is involved, that window shrinks considerably. Most of the time you have six months to inform the city of your intent to sue, but some cities can set their own, stricter deadlines. Austin, for example, gives you just 45 days to make a claim.

Can a Lawyer Help Me Fight for Compensation?

You are not required to hire a personal injury lawyer, but one can do a lot to help you with your case. Your attorney can help you:

Fight for fair compensation: Your compensation should help cover medical costs, any lost wages, and the pain and suffering you experienced.

Gather evidence: Your lawyer can gather any evidence needed to make your case.

Hold all liable parties accountable: Your attorney will figure out who is to blame for your injuries, and then they will help you fight to make things right.

Prepare you for testimony: If you need to testify on behalf of yourself or your loved ones, your attorney will help you prepare.

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