Thousands of Texans rely on bus systems for daily transportation. While having accessible transportation is highly beneficial, bus accidents are unfortunately always possible. Buses are larger and carry more occupants, which can be highly dangerous in the instance of an accident. Have you been injured in such an accident? Read on or reach out to a Corpus Christi, Texas Bus Accident Lawyer today to learn more about bus accidents in Texas and find out your options.


Most bus accidents are caused by negligent drivers, but there are many different circumstances that can lead to an unfortunate accident. The accident could also be caused by a bus company’s fault or another driver on the road. Here are some of the most common causes of bus accidents:

  • Bus driver’s negligence, like reckless driving, fatigue driving, or driving under the influence
  • Bus driver error, like failing to check a blind spot before switching lanes
  • Filling the bus over capacity
  • Unqualified bus driver
  • The bus company’s failure to perform routine maintenance checks, which can lead to faulty parts
  • Dangerous road or weather conditions
  • Other negligent motorists


The first thing you should do after an automobile accident is to call the police immediately. If you’re planning on filing a personal injury claim, it’s especially important to have a police report because the officers at the scene can usually determine the cause of the accident. The entity held liable for the accident depends on what caused the bus accident. If the accident was caused by another negligent driver, then you’d have to file a claim with that driver’s insurance. In this scenario, neither the bus driver nor the bus company would be considered liable and therefore likely won’t pay any damages. If the bus driver was negligent and caused a collision, then the bus driver could be found personally liable or the bus company could be liable for hiring a negligent employee.

Public transportation buses and school buses are considered municipal property, meaning filing a claim is much more complex if the accident was caused by a government-funded bus. Because Texas has a Tort Claims Act, there are strict requirements for filing a claim against the government. You have 45 days to file a claim against government-funded transit, and you have 2 years to file a claim for all other bus accidents according to Texas’s statute of limitations.

If you’ve been involved in a bus accident, you’ll likely want to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to help you file a claim. Sahadi Legal Group is here to fight for you! Contact us today for quality legal counseling.