If you’re an American worker, you have probably heard the term “workers’ comp”. Yet, not everyone knows about who’s eligible to receive workers’ compensation or how they can obtain compensation payments themselves. Have you recently sustained a work-related injury in Texas? To learn more about your options going forward, continue reading this blog or contact a Corpus Christi, Texas Work Injury Lawyer today!


In the event of a work-related injury, workers’ compensation insurance exists to prevent the necessity for a personal injury lawsuit. An employee might be eligible for workers’ comp payments if they are injured while performing work activities. Texas has pretty strict policies on which types of injuries could be eligible for compensation. If you sustained the injury while engaging in horseplay or while intoxicated from drugs or alcohol, you won’t be covered by workers’ comp. Texas workers’ comp insurance doesn’t cover self-inflicted injuries or injuries sustained while voluntarily participating in a work-related activity (like a company party). Lastly, you can’t get coverage if you were injured from a natural disaster or other events that couldn’t have been stopped by human intervention.

Most other states require all employers to have workers’ compensation insurance (or be self-insured, for certain occupations). However, Texas is one of the few states that does not legally require workers’ comp. That being said, many companies have insurance anyway to protect themselves from expensive lawsuits.


Immediately after sustaining an injury at the workplace, you should report the accident to your supervisor and see a doctor. If your company has a workers’ comp insurance policy, you should be able to file a claim with your employer. Compensation usually covers medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Not all occupations are eligible for workers’ comp in Texas; namely, domestic workers and agricultural workers likely can’t get compensation for their injuries unless their personal insurance covers the damages. If your occupation is eligible for workers’ comp and your company doesn’t have an insurance policy for work-related injuries, you can file a personal injury claim to receive restitution for your medical bills and lost wages. A personal injury attorney can help you gather evidence you need to file a claim, like surveillance video showing your accident, witness statements, and hospital records detailing your injuries.

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