Truck accidents can have many potential causes and sometimes multiple parties are to blame when a collision causes injuries. It can be hard to sort through all of the noise and figure out who should be held responsible after such crashes, and that’s why you should consult an experienced Corpus Christi, Texas truck accident lawyer from our firm before you pursue legal action. We are ready to help you and your family fight for fair compensation.

What Can Lead to Truck Accidents?

Truck accident cases can get complex because most crashes are caused by a combination of elements. There are often multiple liable parties, and potential targets of lawsuits include:

The truck driver: A driver can cause an accident by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, engaging in aggressive behaviors, or driving while drowsy.

The truck company: The trucking company could also be blamed if they poorly trained a driver who made a mistake that led to a crash or if they encouraged a drowsy driver to skip or cut short their mandated breaks.

A mechanic: Someone who cleared a truck for service despite faulty or broken parts could be held liable if a poorly maintained vehicle causes a crash.

A parts manufacturer: If a defective part contributes to an accident, the manufacturer of that part could be sued.

What Should Victims Do After Truck Accidents?

If possible, you should try to get pictures of the accident scene after a crash. Getting photos of the damage to all involved vehicles or any road hazards that might have contributed to the accident is also a good idea. Exchange insurance info with everyone and then call the police to the scene so that they can make a report.

Then it’s important to get medical care right away. If you put off a trip to the doctor, the defense may try to claim that you weren’t seriously injured in the accident. They could even try to claim that you were injured at some point after the accident and that you are just trying to blame their insured.

How Long Do I Have to Sue for Damages?

People who get harmed in truck accidents have two years to sue for damages. Wait any longer than that and your case is likely to be thrown out of court no matter how much evidence you have against the defendants.

Can I Sue For Wrongful Death?

If your loved one passes away from their injuries, you may be able to sue for wrongful death damages. These can reimburse you for your relative’s last medical expenses and the costs of the funeral and burial. They are also meant to make up for a loss of companionship. Only certain family members can file a wrongful death suit. The surviving spouse, children, or parents are usually the ones who can take legal action.

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