Many things can contribute to a car accident. The behavior of a driver involved in a crash, like if they were driving distracted or speeding, can obviously be a factor, but the environment can actually make an accident more likely too. Take poor street lighting as an example. Poor visibility conditions can assuredly help cause an accident, and if you have suffered injuries in a crash you may want to consult a Corpus Christi, Texas auto accident lawyer.

How Can I Drive Safely in Poor Street Lighting?

If you find yourself driving through an area with poor street lighting, you should do everything that you can to remain safe and avoid an accident. We suggest that you:

Avoid any distractions: Paying attention to your phone or the car’s infotainment system can make it harder to focus on the road. Inattentive driving is always dangerous, but It is an especially bad idea to drive distracted when lighting conditions are poor. So do your best to keep any distractions to a minimum when you notice inadequate street lighting.

Drive a bit slower: Slowing down a bit can help you keep an eye out for potential hazards. You can also increase your following distance, ensuring that you have more time to react if someone in front of you does something unexpected.

Do not look at oncoming headlights directly: Your eyes will get used to the darkness as you drive. Looking right into oncoming headlights at this point can be a painful experience that makes it harder to see the road ahead, so just do your best to avoid looking directly into any approaching vehicle’s lights.

If you were driving safely and taking your time navigating a darkened street, it is less likely that you can be blamed for any accidents that occur.

Can I Sue the City After an Auto Accident?

This could be a possibility. We can look at the facts of your case and determine if poor street lighting or another factor controlled by a city or municipality can be partially blamed for your accident.

What if I Was Injured as a Pedestrian or Cyclist?

You may have a personal injury case. Our law firm does not just work with motorists who suffer injuries in car crashes. We can also help people who were on a bike or simply walking when they sustained their injuries.

Accidents can be even more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists since they do not have any of the protections that a driver would have in a car. If you suffered serious injuries as a pedestrian or cyclist and you want to hold someone to account for their negligence, we can help.

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