Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are among the most devastating types of auto accidents. That said, if you were injured in a motorcycle accident due to no fault of your own, you most likely qualify for financial compensation. This compensation can help cover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, in-home care, noneconomic damages, and more. Please read on and speak with our experienced Corpus Christi, Texas motorcycle accident lawyer to learn more about how we can help you through the legal process going forward.

What causes motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are most commonly caused by driver negligence. Some of the most common types of driver negligence we see in today’s world include driving while distracted (i.e. texting while driving), driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, or otherwise ignoring any other rules and regulations of the road.

How do I know if I qualify for compensation after a motorcycle accident?

To qualify for financial compensation, you will have to hire an attorney who knows how to satisfy the burden of proof. This means that your attorney must gather and present evidence to prove that you were injured due to another party’s negligence. This is not always easy, so you must choose your attorney wisely. To prove your claim, our attorneys will work to recover surveillance footage of the accident, witness statements that verify your claim, pictures of the accident’s aftermath, police reports documenting the facts of the accident, medical documents, and more.

What is the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Texas?

The phrase “statute of limitations” simply refers to the amount of time people have to take legal action against an offending party. In Texas, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is, generally, two years, which means injured bikers will have two years from the date of their accident to sue a negligent motorist. Those who wait too long to file will generally be barred from suing.

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