Some people get injured in accidents and think that they do not need to hire an attorney of their own. They have insurance, and that is just going to take care of things, right? Maybe, but it is important to look out for your own interests. A Nueces County, Texas personal injury lawyer can do that for you.

Why Do I Need Personal Injury Attorneys if I Have Insurance?

Your insurance company is not necessarily there to fight for you. This company’s chief interest is its own business. A personal injury attorney makes you their top priority.

Whether there are claims getting denied or muddied waters due to different accusations of fault, your attorney is there to fight for you and your family. That means making sure that justice is done, any negligent parties are held accountable, and that you receive a fair compensation offer.

Should I Hire a Lawyer Even for Minor Accidents?

Even a minor accident can have significant costs. If you are talking about a car accident, you may need to pay expensive repair bills or replace a vehicle with a completely new one. You could believe that you have negligible injuries, but if you do not consult with medical professionals you could be missing more extensive injuries that could have lasting effects on your life.

A personal injury attorney can help you properly evaluate your accident and its effects before you settle. An insurance company just wants to write a check and be done with this. Your lawyer wants to make sure that they do right by you.

How Else Can Personal Injury Attorneys Help Me?

Your personal injury lawyer can handle your case for you and allow you to focus on your family, your recovery from your injuries, and getting back to your normal life. Your attorney will build a case and fight for you by:

Securing helpful evidence: If there is evidence out there that can help your case, your personal injury lawyer is going to find it. It can sometimes be easier for a lawyer to find helpful evidence that you would not necessarily be able to secure on your own, which means that they can build a stronger case.

Ensure that you do not miss your chance to file: You do not have unlimited time to file a personal injury suit. Texas gives you a two-year statute of limitations. Your attorney can start the legal process and make sure that you get the chance to pursue compensation.

Defend you from accusations of wrongdoing: Even your own insurance company might try to claim that you were at fault for an accident. Your personal injury lawyer can defend you from any such accusations.

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